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Moving into the Present

  • We are a team of yoga teachers and our aim is to provide a place where people can meet, be inspired and get trained. Everyone needs a time-out and needs to reset oneself.
  • For this reason we focus on a balanced yoga practice with a deep relaxation at the end of each class. It is important to us to see our students improve and feel better physically, emotionally as well as spiritually.
  • This, in turn, will positively benefit their family lives and their environment. Our vision is: the more people change for the better the healthier our society will be.
  • Yoga with its various effective methods is a wonderful tool, and we at Yoga Center Bodrum are enthusiastic to share this with you.

The Main Reasons to Practice Yoga at Yoga Center Bodrum


Our aim is to serve and support our students with professional, knowledgeable and safe yoga instructions. We are aware that each student has her/his individual background and often comes to find betterment and relief. For this reason our teachers are well trained so that they can meet each student on their level and teach them according to their individual needs.

Wide Variety of Activities

We offer different yoga classes: beginners, intermediate and advanced, yin yoga, restorative yoga, yoga therapy and prenatal yoga classes. We also offer therapeutic lessons for people with special needs. We offer workshops and training. Reflexology sessions can be scheduled. We do urban gardening in our garden.


The studio is built from all natural materials. Trees surrounding the studio and a continual breeze make it pleasant to practice yoga during the summer months. In winter we heat the studio mainly with wood in a closed fireplace. The atmosphere is cozy,healthy and inviting.

Yoga Therapy

Our yoga center has been around for quite some time and with it our teaching experience. Over time the demand and the necessity grew to practice and teach more individually. We specialize in yoga for back care and scoliosis, neck and shoulder issues, though people come for other reasons as well. We are equipped to work individually and for this purpose we use props including wall ropes, chairs, bolsters and more. Restorative yoga is a very profound way to practice when the body and mind needs to rest and recover. The results are amazing and prove that yoga works.

Great yoga teacher in such a lovely room with a charming chimney and stone walls. Went 2 times this month and absolutely loved it! Thanks for translating in English for me as I’m still a beginner in learning Turkish.

Cyrielle Happy Hof
Cyrielle Happy Hof

Yoga Center Bodrum is a door that opens to true friendship, genuine sincerity, and a place where I always feel happy to be.

Filiz Yilmaz

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